Baltimore Is Closed

Exactly two years ago, a girlfriend from out of town stopped by for a night to take advantage of the long weekend, and see some of my newly-minted Baltimore life.  I had moved into a rowhome in Canton with a different girlfriend from high school a few months before and thought I had a good enough grasp on my neighborhood to show the girl a good time.  I was excited with the prospect of a low key evening catching up while taking in a little of Charm City’s namesake virtue, and then enjoy the remainder of the evening from the comfort of my roof deck.  I had not considered that even though the following Monday was a holiday for pretty much everyone I knew, it was still a Sunday evening in Canton, and there was nary an open liquor store to patron.  Due to my ill-preparedness and lack of familiarity with this particular Baltimore trial, my friend and I wound up at a restaurant/bar on the Canton waterfront masquerading as a beach party.

Now, I wouldn’t want to insult anyone who enjoys the idea of gulping rail vodka tonics out of plastic cups while standing in butt-littered sand on a fake beach in Baltimore, but it really was not what I had in mind when trying to show off the highlights of my town.  So in an effort to stay entertained, classy, and off the fake beach, this holiday weekend, we’ve listed a few places that will be open tonight and tomorrow, for your entertainment/boozing needs.  And we’re giving a special shout out to The Wine Source in Hampden, who has embraced the right attitude by specifically advertising special Memorial Day hours.

Open for the Sunday night partying:

Johnny Rads– drinks 2:00am, food until 11:00pm

Bistro Rx– drinks until midnight

The Dizz- drinks until 2:00am, food until 11:00pm

Golden West Cafe– drinks until 1:00, bar menu also

Joe Squared– open till 12am, but closed Monday

Tapas Teatro– drinks until 2:00am

For easy Sunday night “Packaged Goods”:

American Harry’s

Dimitri’s Tavern

Long John’s Pub



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