Baltimore Culture for Under 20 Bucks

Times are hard, and finding enough extra cash for the weekend’s entertainment and booze is a tough order, especially if you’re saving up for a new green wig.  While there are plenty of things to do in this town that are not cheap, Charm City is also about the community.  Last Saturday, we decided to support our community while also entertaining ourselves cheaply by attending the double header of the Charm City Roller Girls at the Clarence “Du” Burns Arena.

At the most basic level, roller derby is watching two opposing  skaters with stars on their helmets trying to push their way through a cluster of other, mostly bigger, girls on skates blocking them from getting ahead and scoring.  But as any fan or participant knows, this is no easy feat while balancing on eight wheels and taking some hip checks, all while wearing (mostly) spandex.  This sport is designed to draw a crowd, and the staff set the scene to support such a people-heavy magnet.  The arena sported various smoked meats, beers in plastic cups, table games, room for socializing in the courtyard and a cute kid-driven half-time show.  In fact, we were distracted on more than one occasion by a young boy wearing a fedora, collared shirt and hella-handsome dance moves, rockin’ it out to the Spice Girls down in the VIP section.

So, if what you’re into is having fun and hanging on to the contents of your wallet, check out the Charm City Roller girls schedule here.

If roller derby isn’t your style, here are nine venues hosting events in the city where you can check out more Baltimore culture for less than twenty bucks. (I always say you should try everything one or nine times to see how you like it – try spending under $20 nine times and see how you feel.)

The Single Carrot Theater

The Creative Alliance
The Wind Up Space
Du Burns Arena
Baltimore Comedy Factory
Free Movies on the Hill in Fed Hill
Skateland Orchard

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